The Piggyback Rider

A Dad Never Turns His Back on His Kids Except to Let Them Hop on the Piggyback Rider

Picture this Dads: you’re having a great day and all of a sudden your back is wet. Why? Because the kid you were carrying on your shoulders has just wet their pants. You have a few options here, make the kid walk the rest of the time, call mom and make her carry them, or look up the Piggyback Rider and never be wet again!

The Piggyback Rider makes for a great gift for Father’s Day and has tons of advantages for both toddler and dad to enjoy and make spending time together more enjoyable!


Using the Piggyback Rider ensures that you have both hands free because instead of dad holding on, the kid holds on. Free hands means more candy, like this picture below. Having your hands free allows for many more activities to be done and more candy to be consumed.


Hiking creates endorphins and endorphins cause smiles! The best way to bond is through happy memories that will last a lifetime. The Piggyback Rider takes hiking to a whole new level and makes it easier on both you and your child.


Have you ever tried to carry a sleeping kid? It’s not too easy. After a long day of adventuring and having fun with dad, a kid gets tired!! The Piggyback Rider can make carrying your sleeping kid easier on you and your back. ** warning we do not recommend this for nap time

If you’re still thinking of an idea for a gift to get dad, consider the Piggyback Rider! It has advantages for both toddler and dad and makes for many great bonding opportunities. We have a saying “A dad never turns his back on his kids except to let them hop on the Piggyback Rider” which fits perfectly for this holiday. Head on over to our website and order yours today!


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