The Piggyback Rider

Celebrate the Fourth of July with the Piggyback Rider

When the Fourth of July rolls around, you know Summer is in full swing. Long sunny days, backyard barbeques and endless swimming pool fun. America’s birthday also means big crowds, which is where the Piggyback Rider comes in. The Piggyback Rider is great for hiking and outdoor adventures, but it’s also perfect for holidays like these and here are a few reasons why.

Firework Displays

The part everyone looks forward to at the end of the night, the spectacular firework show! But for toddlers it may not be as visible. The Piggyback Rider will allow your toddler to have a 360 degree view above all the adults. All they have to do is strap in and ride the bar, for the best seat in the house. 



Another signature event during the Fourth of July are the parades. Floats and old cars, marching bands, and even animals dressed up in red, white and blue swag, walking down main street, showing pride for our country. But again, not all viewing spots are good, unless you have the Piggyback Rider. Have your toddler hop on for a bird's eye view of the entire parade without any complaining of not being able to see. Or how far they had to walk.


Backyard BBQ

Backyard gatherings can sometimes become huge parties with many people and potentially unwatched pools. Make sure your toddler is always close by and supervised in crowded situations, like these backyard BBQs. The Piggyback Rider makes it a hands-free parenting experience proven more beneficial than pulling on a leash. You never know when the Piggyback Rider will come in handy, even in settings you may not have ever thought about.

Theme Parks

Maybe you’ve got a few extra days off from work and want to take the family on a fun trip to keep the festivities going. The Piggyback Rider is perfect for Disneyland or other amusement parks to keep your child close, while also avoiding the whining and complaining that their feet and legs are tired.

Not only is the Piggyback Rider perfect for outdoor activities, but it’s great for big holidays or gatherings. It is lightweight and easy to pack, so you can bring it along wherever your Summer adventures take you! Get yours here and start the fun today.


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