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Father Daughter Take a Walk Day

Looking for a way to put your Piggyback Rider to use? Look no further, July 7th is National Father Daughter Take a Walk Day! With Summer in full swing, there is no better time to take your daughter outside for a walk around the block.

This day was created not only to promote physical activity and a healthy lifestyle, but also to encourage fathers and daughters to spend more time together. An article on Huffington Post lists some of the health benefits of being outside including brain functionality, increased vitamin D intake, and stress reduction.

Additionally, Father Daughter Take a Walk Day is a great way to make memories while spending quality time with your daughter. We all know how important it is to have a bond with your children and the Piggyback Rider definitely helps make spending time together a whole lot easier and more fun!

Here are some ways you can use the Piggyback Rider on Father Daughter Take a Walk Day.


One of the best ways to use the Piggyback Rider, whether it’s a tough rocky trail through the mountains or an easy stroll through the forest, your daughter is sure to love the point of view the Piggyback Rider will provide.

hiking 4.jpg

Farmers Market:

Strap on the Piggyback Rider and take a walk through your local farmers market. Crowds can be tough to navigate with a toddler in tow. Keep your peace of mind and strap your toddler to your back, no leashes required.

Screen Shot 2016-07-05 at 10.49.06 AM.png

Around the Park:

Take a stroll in your local park and take in all the scenery. Maybe feed the ducks, or see how many fish you can spot in the pond.

look down.jpg

At the Beach:

The Piggyback Rider is perfect for long walks on the beach, while also offering the rider the ability to get off and play in the water.



Maybe not the typical way to take a walk, but we all know how much walking is required at the “happiest place on Earth”. The Piggyback Rider makes getting through crowds easier, and also helps out the little one at the end of the day when they are just too tired to walk, but still eager to see the sights.


Put your walking shoes on, lace them up (fathers, help your daughters that can’t yet tie their own shoes) and hop on the Piggyback Rider. We always say, the only time you turn your back on your child is for them to hop on. us how you use your Piggyback Rider on social media with the hashtag #piggybackrider.  


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