Our safe and sturdy toddler child carrier backpacks are perfect for hiking, touring, exploring, holidaying, and other activities with the whole family!

Toddler Backpack CarriersOne of the best parts of being a parent is creating precious memories as your children grow. Whether it’s a family trip to the beach, a fun day at the zoo or a walk in the park, creating memories is what it’s all about. Make these experiences even more enjoyable with our unique toddler and child carrier. The Piggyback Rider allows your toddler or young child to be easily carried “piggyback style” in a way that is safe, secure and also allows your child to enjoy a new point of view.  At Piggyback Rider, we have developed and designed a toddler/child backpack carrier that is unlike anything you’ve ever seen before. With two models available, you will find the perfect solution for your family. With so many uses for our standing child carriers, we welcome you to check out the SCOUT carrier and the EXPLORER carrier and to keep in mind these recommended uses:

Travel and Transportation Uses:  It's no secret that parents and children alike look forward to vacations! It’s an opportunity to explore a new and exciting location, and also allow your family to experience different cultures and activities to inspire their curiosity.

We also understand that travel can be hectic for parents. Keep your child safe and happy in their Piggyback Rider and never fear crowds again. Our backpack carrier for toddler and children under 27kg can be a lifesaver! Both of our toddler carrier backpacks weigh less than 1.6kg and takes up as much room as a rolled towel. Airport travel is made easy, trips on public transport are much less stressful, and you will wonder how you ever lived without the Piggyback Rider.

toddler backpacks for activitiesFamily Activities and Special Events:  Does your little one just love your local zoo, aquarium or theme park? Consider a trip to the zoo without the countless picking up and putting down your child as they want to experience seeing things at your level. Our standing child backpack carrier models can help simplify things and make your family’s day out even more enjoyable. Both the SCOUT and EXPLORER standing child carriers are suitable for year-round use and have safety features to ensure your childs' well-being. Make those special trips and family events that much more enjoyable for everyone with a Piggyback Rider!
Hiking and Other Open-Air Activities:  If your family craves fresh air and the excitement of the great outdoors, we have the perfect hiking child carrier for you. Our BASIC and EXPLORER toddler/child carriers are perfect for hiking and other open-air activities! Designed to support a little one who can stand or a child at a maximum of 27kg, each carrier is incredibly compact and lightweight with a non-skid aluminum bar on which your child's feet stand as you explore together. The luxury EXPLORER carrier features easy-to-reach hydration storage pouches for added convenience! There are many toddler and young child hiking carrier backpack options on the market today, but we believe ours is head and shoulders above the competition!

Become you child’s superhero with our exciting and easy to use “piggyback style” carrier, allow them to have fun, enjoy more from your everyday experiences and also the more special times together. Our standing child carriers are engineered for strength and safety. Dad Invented and Mum Approved for hiking, walking, exploring, and other fun-filled physical activities, the built-to-last Piggyback Rider child carrier will be the last piece of childrens equipment you need to buy. Shop today and discover why everyone is buzzing about Piggyback Rider!