CARE AND MAINTENANCE – The Piggyback Rider


Piggyback Rider® Gives You Maintenance Tips to Protect Your Child Carrier and Your Child for Use after Use

Care & Maintenance of your Piggyback Rider® kid carrier backpack is easy.

  1. Clean by hand with a mild detergent and a damp cloth. Simply wipe off dirt or scrub with a light brush to remove any grit. Special soap is not required.
  2. Allow carrier to air dry. DO NOT place your carrier in a dryer. The metal bar might cause damage to your dryer.
  3. DO NOT use bleach or liquid detergent. Hard soaps might damage the materials and buckles.
  4. DO NOT machine wash the Piggyback Rider® child carrier. DO NOT place your carrier in a washing machine. The metal bar might cause damage to your washing machine.
  5. As with all fabric products, continuous sun exposure can cause fading.
  6. Store carrier indoors, in dry location, out of direct sunlight. Store your Piggyback Rider in the carrier bag provided in an easy to access location.

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